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Dr. Habib Sadeghi Osteopathic Physician, D.O. 
Attending Physician and Clinical Facilitator at UCLA Medical Center

“Thomas Edison said ‘The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest their patients in the care of the human frame… and in the cause and prevention of disease.’ The M11Restorative Techniques® provides physicians and patients with the science of how to care for the human body’s soft tissues.”

Dr. Edward Zargoza, MD
Radiology Clinical Director Santa Monica UCLA Medical Center

“Scientific evidence has associated inflammation with a broad range of disease, including heart disease and cancer. It is vital for our health that we reduce and control it. One of the best ways I know is through the practice of the M11Restorative Techniques®.”

LJ Mintz
Cirque du Soleil Performer

“I am a retired Flying Trapeze Artist, with shoulder injuries that aren’t bad enough for surgery, but are still painful and limiting. When I was told about this seminar, my first thought was, ‘self release techniques’… “I know how to do that. I’ve been using my body all my life!” I was not expecting much at all. WOW was I wrong! The description does not begin to explain what this work truly is. Scott has shown me how to work into the deepest muscles to help release tension from years of hard work and injuries. Its a great exploration of your own body and movement. At the end of a session, I feel loose, free, and ready for the world. After doing years of physical therapy, I could not believe what I was able to accomplish in just one session with Scott. From using this technique, I have finally found hope that I will be pain free and can get strong enough to continue to FLY! Thank you Scott!”

Catherine Garceau
Olympic Medalist Sydney Games

“Working with Scott was a breathe of fresh air when it comes to fine-tuning small movements that make a huge difference. Scott’s system is a practical application of ‘less is more’… and we can all use a healthy dose of that!! I loved my session and look forward to sharing it with my top performers!”

Nina Knoke Cicconetti
M11Restorative Techniques® Seminar Participant, Wooster, Ohio

“What a gift it was to participate in Scott’s Seminar in Wooster, Ohio. I would whole heartedly recommend his techniques to everyone regardless of age or ability….What boggles the mind is that with astute observation Scott looked at the body and formulated a solution to immobility, pain, aging and a profound connection between body and mind that has always been at our disposal right under our noses.!!!!!  A miracle of innovation, a profound way of thinking about health and wellness. Please come back to Wooster. I know 10 people off the top of my head that could all benefit and spread its benefits to others. I guarantee this six hour Seminar will change your life!” 

Beverly Hills, CA

“The M11Restorative Techniques® to me, is healing, a total understanding of the body and the needs of the body. It’s energizing and mind expanding. I feel peaceful, euphoric and serene while doing the M11Restorative Techniques®, and that keeps me coming back. I have learned that pain is not a necessary part of life, and have found joy and hope in that truth. Everyday I get better. And my skin is improving too. It works!”

Long Beach, CA

“Nagging injuries from sports days in youth are being addressed via my M11Straps™. Wow. No longer looking only to massage, yoga and stretching for relief. I can now look to my own body for relief (sometimes BEFORE the flare-ups)! Now I ‘get it. I feel great.”

Autumn Lucas
West Hollywood, CA

“I was fed up with the increasing pain and discomfort in my lower back and left hamstring. I went to a chiropractor every week for 6 months, acupuncture, pilates twice a week, yoga and while I enjoyed all of those things, nothing provided sustained relief from the discomfort I was feeling. I began working with a trainer certified in the M11Restorative Techniques® and soon started utilizing the methods I learned everyday on my own. By September of 2011, I was pain free in those areas. I’ve learned from M11Fitness® that healing requires gently facing discomfort not avoiding it. Now I am excited to be taking on greater physical challenges unencumbered by pain!”

Eric Shore
Los Angeles, CA 

“I’ve always been resistant to working out and stretching. now I am feeling great, free of morning muscle and joint pain…and actually enjoying the process.”

Terry Smith
Los Angeles, CA 

“After years of hip and back pain and trying numerous things to get rid of it, M11Restorative Techniques® came into my life and changed everything. It has made my body feel like I never had any pain at all.  Truly a blessing!  And, I’m back on the track, running again!”

Kai Loebach
Los Angeles, CA 

”I was a bit hesitant at first, but it all changed with the amazing attention to the detail that Scott puts into his work-out training. I highly recommend Scott to anyone with chronic muscle pain he might be just the guy to teach you how to manage your body’s tissue movement and therefore provide you with comfort in the long run. I am a Fan!”

Ilene Waterstone
Los Angeles, CA 

“The M11Restorative Techniques® have changed my life. I have multiple orthopedic issues and I am far more supple and pain free than I would ever expect. Thank you Scott for your brilliance and your dedication to helping others.” 

Bruce Cohen
Los Angeles, CA

“Feels like it gets into every corner of my body. I can feel my muscles opening up, and the increased flexibility has totally improved my tennis game.”

Dennis Grant
West Hollywood, CA

“I decided to try the M11Restorative Techniques® after the latest of a series of lower back injuries.  After just a few short weeks, I feel more connected to my body, and my back definitely feels stronger. I feel like I am the tin man from the Wizard of Oz, and the M11Restorative Techniques® is the oil that now has me moving my body.  Ahhhhh!!!”

Jeff Allyn
Los Angeles, CA 

“I’m really looking forward to my 3rd sessions with Scott Kuhagen/M11Fitness®- after just one session my lower back pain was gone. The techniques are easy and amazing. Can’t wait to learn more. If you are having back problems–M11Restorative Techniques® are a must! “



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