M11Restorative Techniques® Seminars

M11Restorative Techniques® | Seminars

M11Restorative Techniques® Seminars teach you easy-to-learn techniques to gently and safely decrease discomfort in your body. The techniques can be used anywhere and anytime. You can incorporate them sitting at your desk, on a couch watching TV, in bed, on a plane, or in your car.

What you’ll learn:

  • To use contraction, movement & stretch to unlock stuck muscles
  • How to apply the techniques lying down and seated
  • The basics of circulation & how the techniques increase it
  • Why our body becomes so sensitive and tight as we age
  • Why the techniques work to reduce discomfort and increase flexibility/mobility




OUR NEXT M11Seminars®

To be announced.


Past M11Seminars®

  • Fitness Factory, West Hollywood, CA.
  • Reebok CrossFit LAB, Los Angeles, CA.
  • Resistance Stretching Symposium, Manhattan Beach, CA.
  • Resistance Stretching Symposium, San Diego, CA.
  • Emerald Village, Vista, CA.
  • Premier Pilates & Yoga, New Rochelle, New York
  • Lock Box CrossFit, Los Angeles, CA.
  • Oak Fitness Club, Beverly Hills, CA.
  • Flex Yoga, Wooster, Ohio.
  • Cynthia Butler DC, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA.

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