What is M11Fitness®?
M11Fitness® is a comprehensive system that combines restorative work with strength and endurance training to reduce soft-tissue sensitivity and increase strength and function. The elements developed to decrease chronic discomfort are called the M11Restorative Techniques®.

How do the M11Restorative Techniques® work?
Through movement, leverage and contraction, you will learn to gently ease locked tissue that causes chronic pain. M11Fitness® sessions, seminars, tools and videos are designed to help restore overused or injured areas of the body, enhancing tissue health, circulation, flexibility, and range of motion.

Is "soft tissue" or "body tissue" another name for muscles?
Soft tissue is what connects, supports, or surrounds structures and organs of the body. Soft tissue includes tendons, ligaments, fascia, skin, fibrous tissues, fat, and synovial membranes (which are connective tissue), and muscles, nerves and blood vessels (which are not connective tissue). We use the inclusive term "soft tissue" to address what is involved in chronic pain. 

Why is restoring health to the body’s tissues important?
The only way to slow down the rate of aging is at the cellular level; in other words, healthy cells make for healthy tissues. Utilizing the M11Restorative Techniques® daily is one of the most efficient ways to wring out cellular waste. Lose the waste, and your cells, tissues, stamina and appearance stay younger longer.

What is cellular waste?
The lymphatic system is largely responsible for immune function. A vast network of vessels transports a fluid known as "lymph," which nourishes cells (with oxygen and sugar) and carries away their waste (lactic acid and metabolites). But the lymphatic system can be compromised by stress and injury, leaving bacteria and toxins behind. Since the lymphatic system has no "pump" (like the heart), it relies on muscle contraction. The M11Restorative Techniques® are designed to elicit those deep muscular contractions to help ensure a healthy flow of lymph through the body.

Who is M11Fitness® for?
M11Fitness® is designed to be safe and effective for people of all ages, fitness levels, and body types. It is a system defined by each individual user's comfort, experience and progress. Whether you’re a golfer or a mixed-martial artist, a grandmother or a star college athlete, a busy mom and/or a corporate executive, the techniques will help you lead a stronger and more pain-free life.

How can an elite athlete and a couch potato use the same system?
Virtually everyone experiences some level of chronic physical pain. Most of these issues are never properly addressed, and we dismiss our discomfort as the cost of living. Whether you hurt your neck, knee or back running a marathon or taking out the trash, the same tissues are affected and the M11Restorative Techniques® can help those tissues heal.

Do I have to have an existing injury to benefit from M11Restorative Techniques®?
Absolutely not! Our advice is to start using M11Restorative Techniques® before you get injured. Consistent practice of the techniques can help prevent injury or speed recovery if you do get injured.

Is this a variation of Pilates or yoga?
The M11Restorative Techniques® are designed to enhance everything you love to do, not replace it. If you're dedicated to Pilates or yoga—or football or tennis, for that matter—the M11Restorative Techniques® will only improve your practice. And if you are a Pilates or yoga instructor, the M11Restorative Techniques® can be woven into your teaching to address the needs of your clients.

Can’t I just get a massage and get the same benefit?
Massage can be a vital part of a wellness regimen. Indeed, many certified massage therapists have trained in M11Restorative Techniques®, and a gentle introductory massage can guide clients into greater awareness and understanding of sensation-driven movement. The main difference between getting a massage and practicing the M11Restorative Techniques® is that you are taught to consciously manipulate your own muscles—and nothing can transform your muscle tissue more efficiently than you practicing effective techniques daily on your own body.

How often should I practice the M11Restorative Techniques®?
Everyone is different. Most people spend about 15 to 20 minutes daily, often broken up into 5-minute segments. What makes M11Restorative Techniques® so useful is that you can increase circulation and mobility throughout the day in what would otherwise be considered sedentary situations (sitting in your car, at your office, on an airplane, watching TV, etc)!

Does M11Fitness® provide any products?
The M11Straps are available for purchase, and come with an instructional DVD. Slip on these comfortable fleece booties and start unlocking areas of chronic pain and stress right away. The M11SpringPole is a custom-made piece of equipment and has a one-month waiting period upon ordering. These products will definitely enhance your M11Fitness® regimen, but they are not required!

Can I travel with these products?
The M11Straps are extremely portable and even come in their very own (and very cool) travel bag.

Do you hold seminars or workshops?
Yes! We conduct seminars for clients, as well as for trainers looking to teach the M11Restorative Techniques®. We can set up a program that works best for you. Check out the M11Seminars® page; you can also call 213-400-5427 or email sk@M11Fitness.com for more details.

Do you provide certification classes to personal trainers?
Yes! We provide one-day, weekend and ongoing classes and seminars for trainers looking to expand their skill set and marketability and to help their clients reduce chronic pain. Check out the M11Seminars® page; you can also call 213-400-5427or email sk@M11Fitness.com for more details.


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