M11Straps are the simplest and most affordable way to achieve great results from the M11Restorative Techniques®. This mobility tool, expressly designed by Scott Kuhagen, consists of adjustable hand straps attached to a pair of comfortable fleece booties; it creates a bridge of support between your upper and lower limbs to cradle and assist your body as you improve mobility, circulation and stretch.

Available in sets of two, you can use the M11Straps easily and effectively alone or attached to a gym cable machine. A free instructional DVD is included to facilitate home use.

M11Straps® with Free DVD!  
Reduce Chronic Pain
Increase Range of Motion
Improve Flexibility
Reduce Inflammation
Strengthen Your Core
Live Younger


MEN'S MEDIUM: 4 to 9.5; MEN'S LARGE: 10 to 15
WOMEN'S MEDIUM: 4 to 10; WOMEN'S LARGE: 10.5 to 15


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