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scott-kuhagenBorn and raised in Northern California, Scott Kuhagen seemed destined to work in the health-and-fitness field. He remembers as a small child riding his bike to the local gym to play with the equipment. His early professional exploits were as diverse as could be—ranging from salvage diving to modeling in Europe—yet always required him to stay in shape and ultimately led to a long career in the fitness industry.

M11Fitness® was born from the skills and awareness Scott acquired during more than two decades as a certified personal trainer, Pilates instructor, and massage therapist. It's been a highly personal journey: While training as a body builder, Scott suffered a debilitating back injury which led to 25 years of intense pain; seeking to improve his own quality of life and that of his many clients dealing with trauma and sensitivity, Scott ultimately created the M11Restorative Techniques®, a movement system that helps people reduce aches and pains while building strength.

Scott now enjoys a pain-free existence of ever-increasing mobility and strength. Similar results are being enjoyed by his many clients, who range from physicians, chiropractors, and physical therapists to those whose professions require great flexibility, resilience and stamina, including a trapeze artist with Cirque du Soleil, a dancer with New York City Ballet, an Olympic medalist, and a former Mr. Universe. Yet Scott finds equal reward in helping people in all walks of life achieve healthier lives as a direct result of the M11Fitness® system of combining restorative work with strength training. Scott now divides his time between one-on-one work with individual clients in Los Angeles, and sharing the M11Restorative Techniques® through seminars across the country.


I am 54 years old in this video. Chronic back pain from an injury over 30 years ago left me unable to squat or lift heavy weights for decades. But ongoing use of the M11Restorative Techniques® has allowed me to return to resistance training with a level of success that I never thought possible.

The exercises in this video do not reflect how I train clients. I create individualized programs that are safe and appropriate to each clients needs and abilities.




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