M11Fitness® is a combination of M11RestorativeTechniques® and resistance training that can help you eliminate chronic pain and recover from injuries while increasing strength and mobility.

M11RestorativeTechniques® are an outgrowth of trainer Scott Kuhagen’s tireless pursuit to repair his own injuries and pain through traditional exercise and various healing modalities. Ultimately, none provided sustained relief from his physical distress. Then Scott discovered that the daily use of micro and macro muscle contraction, stretch and movement—all targeted at gently and tolerably “touching into” places of discomfort—is when healing begins to occur.

Most of us are faced with some form of soft-tissue sensitivity or inflammation that causes discomfort and physical imbalances and hinders optimal wellness. Whatever your age or fitness level, M11RestorativeTechniques® are easy-to-learn and incredibly effective methods to help you heal your own body and lead a more joyful, active life.

The following videos provide a demonstration of M11RestorativeTechniques® in group and individual settings. For more about the benefits that others have experienced from M11Fitness®, please see our Testimonials page!


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