What is M11Fitness® ?






M11Fitness® is a self-empowering movement system that offers techniques to eliminate chronic pain and to increase strength and mobility. M11Fitness® is founded on the passion and dedication to help people heal and live more joyful, active lives.

M11Fitness® is an outgrowth of trainer/ creator Scott Kuhagen's tireless pursuit to heal his own chronic pain and injuries through traditional exercise and various healing modalities. Ultimately, none provided consistent and sustained relief from increasing pain and discomfort. Scott discovered that the daily use of micro and macro contraction, in combination with organic, sensation-driven movement targeted at gently and tolerably 'touching-in' to places of discomfort is when transformation and healing began to occur.

Regardless of one's own fitness level, most people are faced with some form of chronic, soft-tissue sensitivity, and inflammation which causes discomfort, physical imbalances and otherwise hinders optimal strength and wellness.

M11Fitness® was created out of Scott Kuhagen's passion to share easy-to-learn and incredibly effective techniques that empower people to heal and transform their own bodies, thus preparing for them for the joys and rigors of all other forms of movement and exercise.


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